Whatever program you choose, all exercises are video based which means it’s easy to follow along with me. Each exercises have a log where you can enter amount of reps, sets and weight so we easily can follow your training-progress week by week.

NEW APP FEATURE:  When you have past the 16 weeks you can do a add-on of program, which mean you can add another workout program to your login and still have your first selection left if you choose to extend your subscription. This mean you can combine different workouts which give you a great value and a huge storing of exercises.

NEW APP FEATURE: You can now log all your training outside your program so both you and me can follow up all your training history each week. For example, if you take a walk or go for a run you can log your GPS-tracker or if you execute any sport you can log that.

Your meal plan will be customized after your needs wether you have allergies, are a picky eater or just don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I make sure the plan suits you after your preferences! Each meal plan includes about 30 recipes to choose between and are splited into 4-6 meals per day. You have all recipes fully described together with pictures in the app but you also going to receive a PDF if you find it easier to print and have it next to you when
you prepares the food.

NEW APP FEATURE:  you can now add all your ingredients from your recipes directly to a grocery store list in the app, just with a click. You go to the grocery store and check of the ingredients one by one. So easy and a real time savior. 


In the app you going to have access to a personal tracker, where both you and me are able to track and follow your progress. This is a really good equipment for us both, to keep you in the right position so we can reach your goals. You also have a private chat to me were you ask me whatever you want about food, training or other questions. I always try to answer within 72h. In your client profile you also going to receive educational videos from me each week which put a lot of value to your progress.

NEW APP FEATURE : We can now announce that we listen and took action to create group chats. All workout programs going to have individual group chats where you have opportunity to chat with other clients doing the same program. This is a great way to share tip and communicate with women in same position as yourself.



My online coaching are created to match different body types, mindsets and life situations. Therefore I have build workout programs with different targeting that are doable for both beginners as more skilled performers.

I have put together 4 ultimate workout programs focused on different type of goals. Each program lasts for 16 weeks together with customized meal plans, educational support.



Your focus will be to find new habits and routines. I start to get to know you and learn how you and your body works.



You start to see small results but the biggest change is how you feel in your body and mind. You will do your first status update in the app and I will respond on that together with a new meal plan.



We work to keep the motivation on point. By now you have come to the part of the progress where you feeling a bit more confident on the training part and how to think around food.



The last month! You are now ready to keep your journey on your own with all you have learned from my 16 weeks coaching program.

full body power

glute growth

back in shape

total fat burner



one payment

Online coaching with customized meal- & training programs based on your program.

Program: 16 weeks (4 months)


3996 SEK ($396)

Monthly payment

Online coaching with customized meal- & training plans based on your program.

Program: 16 weeks (4 months)


999 SEK ($99) x 4 months


I am Linn Jacobsson and I have helped other women  with training and food since 2017. I started my passion to training already as a kid when I was a gymnast. In a age of 17 I quit my gymnastic career and slowly approached the gym world. I started my Instagram account around 2013 and two years later I had created a ”fitness” page without intention.

Here I am today, mom of a 4 years old and pregnant with twins, still working with social media and helping and inspire other women to take care of their health.


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