You pay with your credit card. You can choose to pay monthly or as a one time payment. If you choose monthly payment you can decide which date of the month you want to pay after your first payment. On bootcamps it’s only a one time payment option.

Yes. You can choose between English or Swedish language and you can choose to pay in EUR, USD or SEK.

Yes, the app works on both android and smartphones.

Appen finns både på svenska och engelska, så anger du svenska som språk så får du appen på svenska.

It depends on your goals and your preferences. But somewhere between 4-6 meals per day.

Ja de kan du. I dagsläget är vi inte kopplade till Epassi, Actiway eller andra företag, men dessa aktörer kan fortfarande ta emot kvitton från oss. Vi kan därför förse er med kvitton som ni kan uppvisa till er arbetsgivare.

You can wish for recipes for your family but your meal plan will be customized for you.

All bootcamps, just like my online coaching program are available in the app

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